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New Individual Records!

Congratulations to the following players who ended the 2019 season in the WHHS Top 10 for the season or their careers in the following statistical categories:

Olivia Tombragel

-1st in career kills (768)

-1st in season kills (285)

-3rd in career digs (554)

-3rd in career aces (124)

-6th in career blocks (84)

-7th in season aces (46)

Sammie Wheatley

-1st in season assists (911)

-3rd in career assists (953)

Ashley Wiles

-3rd in season aces (51)

-5th in career digs (472)

-8th in season digs (298)

-9th in career aces (67)

Tori Zimmer

-5th in career kills (378)

-5th in career blocks (87)

-6th in season kills (220)

Caroline Dillard

-8th in career kills (309)

-10th in career aces (63)

One Category Records

-Tishyra Barber - 8th in career aces (76)

-Maya Roach - 9th in single season kills (188)

-Sidney Switzer - 10th in career blocks (48)

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