If your name is on the lists below please attend tryouts tomorrow, August 2nd. If your name is not on the lists below we appreciate your interest in Walnut Hills Volleyball and encourage you to keep playing. Regardless of whether you play for your high school, volleyball is a great sport that you can play for the rest of your life at any level and if you enjoy it, we highly encourage you to stick with it.

Day 2 - 7th grade will be in the HIGH SCHOOL GYM from 2:30-4:30. High school will be in the HIGH SCHOOL GYM 12:00-2:15.

High School


Tishyra Barber

Julia Berman

Phoenix Brundage

Ella Carey

Rory Chandler

Uyen Dao

Maggie Dull

Simone El-Rassi

Akyrah Ellis

Danielle Frazier

Megan Gambrel

Briana Gee

Lauren Giles

Sanai Grace

Charley Hamon

Macy Hardewig

Ellie Herrlinger

Sadie Herrlinger

Grace Hofstetter

Gemma Huber

Alexa Kendall
Kristina Klimov

Lucy Lander

Sophia Leigh

Rhiannon Manning

Charlie Meadoweal-Jones

Tyliyah Neiheisel-Roberts

Charlotte Noe

Caroline Pepiton

Makayla Rafalo

Ella Rentz McCoy

Natalie Roell

Remie Russell

Natalie Stetter

Jada Turner

Elizabeth Wahl

Sammie Wheatley

Ashley Wiles

Morgan Wolins

Tori Zimmer

Kaitlyn Zimmerman


7th Grade

Jayasri Alaparthy

Avy Albrecht

Nyla Barnes

Lauren Beiser

Mia Carrelli

Ava Carruthers

Leah Conn

Evie Denen

Laila Dorato

Rhyan Garmon

Helena Joo

Sophia Klocke

Kate Little

KaSeri Meadoweal-Jones

Ruhama Michael

Elizabeth Polger

Harriet Seale

Trinity Vernon