If your name is on the lists below please attend tryouts tomorrow, August 2nd, from 9:00am-12:00pm (HS in HS Gym, JH in JH Gym). If your name is not on the lists below we appreciate your interest in Walnut Hills Volleyball and encourage you to keep playing. Regardless of whether you play for your high school, volleyball is a great sport that you can play for the rest of your life at any level and if you enjoy it, we highly encourage you to stick with it.

High School

Teams Posted


8th Grade

Courtney Arnold

Akyrah Ellis

Ella Carey

Kiley Smith

Emma Smith

Rory Chandler

Leah Finn

Megan Gambrel

Lauren Giles

Sadie Herrlinger

Sarah Kemper

Kristina Klimov

Madeline Pickup

Natalie Stetter

Isabelle Walker

Morgan Wolins


7th Grade

Marlee Rush

Anna Wright

Jade Kramer-Wine

Ella Nugent

Alexis Honaker

Ruby Starkman

Addison Wagner

Shannon O'Brien

Emmy Reising

Julia Shotwell

Sierra Smith

Candace Dean

Zari Gillispie

Ella Griffin

Emma Martensen

Aviana Perry

Romy Richards

Sarah Wilson