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High School Tryouts

8th Grade Tryouts

7th Grade Tryouts

This season will involve two rounds of tryouts. After the first day of tryouts (AUG 1ST), we will post a list of the players still being considered for the teams. Only those players will participate in the second day of tryouts (AUG 2ND).
The list of players for the second round of tryouts will be posted by midnight on this website  after tryouts .

Players will be asked to wear specific colors to tryouts by grade:
Seniors - Black
Juniors - Yellow
Sophomores - Pink
Freshmen - White
8th Grade - Navy or Black
7th Grade - White

Tryout Registration Instructions

1. You will need to officially register to tryout with the school through FinalForms. Please use the link below to do so. (Link for '23 unavailable until  July 1st ).

NOTE #1: DO NOT PAY until after tryouts and teams have been finalized. 

NOTE #2: 7th Grade/New Students - Final Forms WILL BE SENT to new students.

When you receive a FinalForms login. If you are having trouble accessing the student login, the parent can log in to his/her account and change the student's email to a current email address, which will allow them to log in and complete their forms.

Tryout Signups/Document Submission

2. Submit contact information. Instructions to follow. (Link inactive.)

If you have not yet submitted contact information, use the below link to do so.

Submit Contact Info

3. You will also need to make sure that your sports physical has been submitted to the school using the OHSAA Physical Form. You can check FinalForms to see when your current physical expires. Once completed, send a scan to Coach Eades, bring it with you to a volleyball event, or drop it off to the school during office hours. I would recommend making a copy before dropping off or sending a scan and keeping the original to make sure you always have a copy if needed.

4. Finally, visit the link below to confirm that you are fully signed up for tryouts.

Confirm Contact/Tryout Info Received
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